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Serindere Trekking Tour

  • Serindere-Kocaeli

Serindere Trekking Tour starts with the arrival of Serindere village around 10.30 in the morning. Serindere is located within the borders of Kocaeli Yuvacık district

2020-04-27 11:37:28

Aytepe Trekking Tour

  • Aytepe-Kocaeli

Aytepe Trekking tour will be at Aytepe Kirazpınarı where we will start walking around 11:00. Aytepe Kocaeli is a hill that reaches a height of 900 meters, located just above the Yuvacık dam lake,

2020-04-27 12:04:02

Ballıkayalar Trekking Tour

  • Ballıkaya-Gebze

Ballıkayalar Trekking Tour, you arrive at Ballıkayalar with a 1-hour trip. After having breakfast in the village coffee in Tavsanli Village, we arrive at the area with a canyon entrance and also a facility.

2020-04-27 13:08:25

Emli Parmakkaya Trekking Tour

  • Aladağlar-Niğde

Emli Parmakkaya Trekking Tour, Emli Valley is one of the important valley structures of Aladağlar. There are Alaca in the south,

2020-04-27 13:13:39

Aladag Trekking Tour 3 Days

  • Aladağlar-Niğde

Aladaglar Trekking  3 days, Yon Canyons Caves, Villages with Architectural Beauty Preserved, Western Black Sea and Central Anatolia Crossing Point, 2 Night Trekking Tour with Accommodation

2020-04-27 19:40:26

Taurus Trekking Tour 3 Days

  • Toroslar

Taurus Trekking Tour 3 days program starts by Aladaglar. Aladaglar is an extension of the Taurus and the highest peak of 3,756 meters in the eastern cord of Taurus.

2020-04-28 12:27:17

Aladag - Taurus Trekking Tour 7 Days

  • Toroslar

Aladag - Taurus Trekking Tour 7 Days, Taurus Mountain is a wide mountain range stretching from the southeast of Turkey to the Mediterranean coast of Antalya.

2020-04-28 12:28:00

Kackar Plateau Treeking Tour 7 Days

  • Kaçkarlar

Kackar Plateau Treeking Tour 7 Days, The Trans Kackar Summit program will surely be in the top ten of this list if they say a hundred things to do before they die.

2020-04-28 12:26:13